Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Ramayana-Mahabharata happened long before Vedic entry!

Hindu religion has been hijacked by the Vedics and using it as a tool in pushing forth Vedic policies. Ignorant Hindus know not that what they are being told is not part of their religion at all. Ram was never Kshatriya. He was never a pupil of any Vedic sage. He did now save fire sacrifices from the destruction at the hands of Asuras.  It couldn’t be because the time line does not match at all. There is no possibility whatsoever that at the time of Ramayana Vedics had stepped in the Indian subcontinent. To reach to the Gangetic regions to preach their religion they took another couple of hundred years. The Vedic elements and personalities we find today in Valmiki Ramayana is nothing but criminal interpolation!

The same applies to Mahabharata. The Mahabharata shows the social structure that prevailed in the Kuru-Panchal region which nowhere matches with the Vedic social doctrine. The human relationships are contrary to what appears in the Vedic literature and Smritis. It is agreed by the scholars that Mahabharata story took place after Ramayana. Whether it really happened or is an imaginary story, still the original social structure that forms the background of Mahabharata couldn’t have been imaginary. No Vedic element fits into the social picture. Though the later editions are heavily interpolated with the Vedic stories and praises of Vedas and all, they fall apart as we go carefully through the social structure that undeniably is non-Vedic. To make it sound somehow Vedic, explanatory stories have been concocted and inserted recklessly. For example, there are five different stories to explain marriage of Draupadi with five brothers! There are explanatory stories of the birth of Bhishma, Drona, Vyasa and even Pandavas! 

The social practice of those times itself shows a transitory phase of Indian society of remote past. Vedic ancient literature is completely devoid of any story that can remotely equal this. This indicates that Mahabharat too had taken place long before Vedic entry in Kuru-Panchal region. There couldn’t be fourfold Varna system then. Rama or Krishna couldn’t have been Kshatriyas as claimed!

Vedics used famous local stories to promote their religion by incorporating Vedic elements, annexing old Vedic mythologies those never belonged to this soil. The history of India is thus have been heavily corrupted by the Vedics to psychologically subjugate the Hindus by stealing their heritage.

Adim Hindu Parishad aims to expose the Vedic designs by letting Hindus know what they were and how the Vedics have culturally looted them! Vedic is an alien religion to Hindus that one must understand. Remove the infiltrated Vedic elements from any ancient literature and you will get the clear picture of your own culture!

-Sanjay Sonawani

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