Tuesday, April 18, 2017

They are not for Hindus!

We the Hindus are not revivalists. RSS' constant Vedicist propaganda and lies about "Vedics knew all" has defamed Hindus across the world because of the subterfuge claims and that too by misusing the name "Hindu". RSS do not propagate Hinduism. It is a Vedicist organization by core and principles. Veil of the Hindu identity is taken just to promote the Vedic ideology.   

We, the Hindus, believe that India was advanced in many branches of the science even before the Vedic entry in India, continued to enjoy fruits of the technological advances till recently, but we do not think it is a reason to boast. We have due reverence towards our forefathers who has sailed us up to here through the good and bad times. Every civilization of the past was advanced in some or other technologies. Egyptians had the technology to build massive Pyramids, which remains unparallel with others. We respect all the civilizations on the equal footings for their ingenious advancements.

RSS and the allied scholars think otherwise. Golvalkar says in his key book ‘We or Our Nationhood Defined” that Hindusthan (India) was a land of plenty with advanced science, cultivation, industries, and a culture “which made every individual a noble specimen of humanity, truth and generosity, under the divine influence of which, not one of the hundreds of millions of the people, ever told a lie or stole or indulged in any moral aberration” (p 46). 

Of course, this is a lie. To revive Vedicism telling false glories of the past is a dirty business of the RSS people. The cultural heritage RSS scholars speak about is always connected with the Vedics. This is why the stories are kept on floating about the Vedic science, Vedic mathematics, Vedic surgery and all. By misinterpreting archaeological and scriptural data, they want to prove that the Indus civilization was authored by Vedic Aryans! So when they say "Hindutva" it essentially means "Vedicism", not else. 

So in words, they call themselves "Hindu" and yet they want to credit everything to Vedic origin. This is nothing but a cultural fraud. They are trying to claim almost everything which remotely cannot be associated with the Vedic tradition. They keep on boasting the non-existent achievements of the Vedics. There never existed Vedic age in India! There is no proof to indicate that right from 1500 BC till 600 BC ever existed Vedic age! Not even a single excavated or numismatic evidence points out at such hypothetical age in India. 

It was Swami Dayananda Saraswati, who, seeking to reform Hindu religion and Hindu society first propounded the idea of a Vedic Golden Age and asked Hindus to ‘return to the Vedas’ This concept was later persuaded by Savarkar and Golwalkar gave it finishing touches. In short, to the so-called Hindu revivalists, Vedic age was the Golden age! Hindus nowhere were counted because to them they were subjugated savages by the mighty Aryans! Now, they promote indigenous Aryan theory, however, the supremacist view is not abandoned. 

“Vastu Shastra has its beginnings in Rig Veda and is scientific in its tenor. Today, the whole world is looking at green living, thanks to the way we are suffering due to erratic concretisation. The concept of Vastu revolves around the healthy relationship of nature and infrastructure, hence its modern relevance,” Joy Sen, IIT Kharagpur faculty member of the institute was quoted by Times of India.(17th April 2017) on the backdrop of the announcement of the introduction of Vastushastra classes in Architecture! 

Can't you see the pattern? The most superstitial things, those too not remotely related with the Vedas in any way, are being introduced in the curriculum. This is Vedic insanity! It is sheer ignorance marred with the Vedic supremacist thought. How can we the Hindus accept it?

This way, on fraud, they want to establish the nationalism that dreams of imposing the fourfold social order of the Vedics on the Hindus. The ulterior dream is so dangerous, not only for the other minor religions but majority Hindu population. Vedic is a different religion. It has nothing in common with Hinduism. Both traditions are distinct in every respect. The division was always in place and recognized.  Their calling themselves "Hindu" in itself is an example of their deceitful nature. 

Hindu's should understand the Vedic schemes. They are not for Hindus but Vedics. They want to revive Vedicism. With all due respect to the Vedic religion, better is Hindus stay away from the Vedicists!

-Sanjay Sonawani

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