Thursday, April 6, 2017

Why Vedic priests in Hindu temples?

Who are Vedics? Vedic just is another religion amongst others. It is independent of all other religions philosophically having no relation with the other religions. It has been proved on all grounds that the Hindu idolatrous tradition has been anterior to all other religious traditions of India which still remains practically dominant in the country. The Vedicism, based on four Vedas and various Smritis, having its own ritualistic structure is an independent religion. There is no common factor including philosophy that anyway can even remotely connect both the religions.

They now have become priests of many Hindu temples creating false myths and incorporating Purushasukta in the prayers. Common Hindu do not know this that the Purushsukta itself is not Hindu! Just for the sake of survival in supremacist order is their serious psychological problem and blasphemy which has proved to be a serious threat to Hindu religion! In fact, no prayer is correct that is made through the Vedic priests, no matter what religious occasion is! It is grand cheating of the religious Hindus as the prayers are not directed to their gods but Vedic gods! In no religion such kind of deceit has been played! They remain Vedic throughout! They perform all their rites by Vedic methods in their own social and personal life. How can they be appointed then the priests of the Hindu temples? How long Hindus want to remain ignorant not to understand the simple things? Can they not just pray their own god in own words and style? Wouldn't it be better if they really have faith in their own gods? How they can allow Rudrabhishek on Shiva when Rudra is an alien god to Shiva?

Then why they shy away from calling them Vedics as a separate independent religion? Why do they want to hide their self in disguise of Hinduism? Why they get angry, terrified or agonized when told that they belong to the different religion and that they are committing blasphemy by calling themselves Hindu?

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