Friday, May 19, 2017

Freedom from Vedicism!

Coining Hindu and Vedic religion together was a grave mistake of the British rulers. Britishers used Vedic Smriti laws while making Hindu Code in 1773 by employing Brahmin scholars. They were not told that the Vedic Smritis are not applicable to the Hindus but they are independently governed by the different caste codes those are more progressive and practical. The Britishers studied only Vedic literature that was falsely presented to them as oldest and preserved by oral tradition. The Britishers looked at the Hindus from the Vedic point of the view which erased the independent identity of the Hindus. 

Whatever was in Sanskrit that was considered as the product of the Vedic people. This helped Vedics to establish their hegemony in British courts. Also, it afforded them to keep their control over the Hindus. However, the glorious past of the Hindus got shadowed by the Vedics. 

This is the time to understand what we are! This is the time to separate Vedics from the Hindu religion. Hindus have nothing in common to share with the Vedics. They have their own religious, cultural and social history. Good or bad, Hindus have nothing to do with it. Hindus have their own traditions, religion, and socio-cultural norms to pride upon. 

-Sanjay Sonawani 

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